Complaints Policy and Procedure


The quality of our service is paramount to the success of our business and our commitment in delivering a high-quality training programme.  We welcome feedback from our learners and employers which contribute to the improvement in quality of service.  Therefore, should you be dissatisfied and feel a complaint is justified it is our ethos to make the procedure as easy as possible to prevent further unnecessary dissatisfaction.

If there is a clear cause for complaint, either as an individual or collectively, you should contact your tutor as soon as possible. Many grievances are due to a breakdown in communication and can be resolved quickly with informal discussion with us. We encourage you not to dwell on a complaint as it is likely to exasperate and could adversely affect performance and professional relationship. This is in no one’s interest, and can be stressful to all parties.

There are certain matters which cannot be addressed under the complaints procedure:

  • Disciplinary matters, which are dealt with under the disciplinary procedure and the associated appeals procedure.
  • Matters which are subject to statutory or other regulations. For example: Government action which may affect a learner’s qualification or funding.
  • Personal disputes or contracts of employment between individual learners/Employers that does not involve The Childcare Company/Impact Futures.

During the time, it takes for a complaint to be heard, the status quo should be maintained by all parties.


A complaint should be made either by letter, email or telephone addressed to the relevant Sector Head


Childcare                      Hazel Ballantyne-Clark     

Adult Care                     Louise Ranford               

Business Skills              Kara Tuckey                    

By Telephone:   01753 596004 – ask for relevant sector Head

By Letter:          The Childcare Company/Impact Futures, Academy House, Unit 3, Waterside Drive, Langley Quay, Langley, Berkshire, SL3 6EY


We will take your complaint seriously and deal with it promptly. We will respond to your complaint within 10 working days.  If for any reason an extension of this time is required to investigate further, this will be acknowledged at this stage.

 Following a full investigation, we will respond to your complaint in writing advising of any action necessary (if any).

Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint we will advise who you should contact next.