Why our Training is Best for You

Constant Support

We pride ourselves on providing more than the classroom experience. Our team offers support in every way possible, and engage you in your learning in a way which is suited to your personal learning style. Our tutors will guide you every stop of the way and make it a priority to get to know you as well as your work environment in order to adapt your learning to ensure success.

Ease of Use

Our programme has been designed to suit all personalities, learning styles and abilities. The programme gives you the opportunity to do your work in your own time and in an environment you feel comfortable in.

Personalised Learning

Our personalised programme is specifically designed to be easily accessible for all learners. This means it takes into consideration that we all prefer to learn in different ways and what one person finds easy may be a challenge for another. The Laser® incorporates different methods and styles of learning so that you feel enthused and confident about your course.

Gaining Knowledge from the best in the Industry

Our training provision is of as high a standard as the resources we have created. The team behind Impact Futures are passionate about online learning and are devoted to providing the best training experience possible for both the learner and the employer. Our tutors and quality assurers have been working within their chosen industries for many years and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Our team will always go above and beyond to ensure requirements and tasks are understood and that each learner is enthused by their time in learning.